Unglobal Indian

The phrase “Global Indian” is omnipresent these days. Indians are doing this, Indians are doing that; Indians are rocking the world et al.

I am quite amused by this. You ask why? I was thinking about the various multi-national companies that come to India and the huge amount of customization/localization they do for tapping the Indian market. True, Indians are going places, having power lunches with corporate America’s hotshots all that, but at the core they remain pure Indians. Deep down most Indians still hold an un-Western attitude/preferences.

Ever tried Mc Aloo Tikki at McDonald’s? I had once sometime back and have started equating it to a samosa or a vada pav. Just because some of us are so closed-minded in terms of our preferences, McDonalds converts our own traditional Indian snack which sells for Rs.5 into a Rs.20 burger!

My advice to fellow countrymen- Cmon dont be fussy and try out new things. Or else, very soon Domino’s will come out with a paratha pizza!

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