No Holi for Me….Not so Easily Atleast!

I agree that this is a little late, but I really felt tempted to write on Holi. I am proud to have played the festival of colors – Holi with a very large and heterogeneous sample of people. Having completed most of my education in residential institutions, I got an opportunity to celebrate the festival with people from a diverse socio-economic and geographical background. Over the years, I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. I have found people who would instantly show reluctance when an advance is made to ‘color’ them. They would typically use lame excuses like- they are allergic to chemicals, their ‘glowing’ skin would get tarnished or more simply they just don’t relate to the concept of celebrating a festival with colors. However, ‘hungama’ prevails and the reluctant person is pulled in to play colors.

The most interesting thing that I have noticed is that – it is these ‘reluctant’ people who are the most vibrant and enthusiastic lot when it finally comes to playing Holi. Once they start indulging in colors, any trace of reluctance simply vanishes! What could be the possible reasons behind such a reaction? I realize that this is an act of according oneself self-importance. The act of reluctance is a proclamation that – I am not so easily available to everyone; I am not just another simple person. It’s the hidden desire to feel significant that probably causes individuals to behave this way. It is a very strong and distinct attempt to portray one’s individual identity in a differentiated manner because the person refuses to act like a ‘me-too’.

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