What is Heaven and Hell?

There was an eerie silence and I started thinking about what really happens once you die. My mind instantly started about the concepts of heaven and hell. As a child, we had learnt that good people go to heaven and bad people are doomed to hell. I started wondering how did these supernatural concepts came into being. How did mankind conceive these ideas? Scientifically, there is no proven fact about the existence of these abodes. Then, why did man invent these concepts?

I feel that we all love to live, despite all our problems in live. We are very used to the basic pleasures that the world offers to us – food, clothes, sex, machines, comfort etc. We are very used to “life”. Thus, humans are replusive to the very idea of death or an end to their worldly pleasures. The whole concept of “life after death” has evolved from the detest that we have for an end of material pleasures. This whole idea is based on the fondness that we have for ‘continuity’. Discontinuation of pleasures is an idea that we, by nature, hate. And hence, the concept of heaven and hell.

Moreover, we classified life after death into two types – one in the comfortable and ‘pleasurable’ heaven and the other in ‘torturous’ hell. Apart from being a concept that serves as a regulatory force in our lives, these ideas also give vent to our ‘judgemental’ tendencies. We (very comfortably) pass judgements about a person being good or bad. And accordingly, judge his abode after death.

Well, if you ask me what happens after death, I just feel that you turn into smoke & ash or you are fed to the worms! And both these outcomes are in full conformity to the law of conservation of mass.

13 thoughts on “What is Heaven and Hell?

  1. heaven and hell is real, it’s not a game that the you play with, i tell you the truth, cause i saw my father throwing in to the fire pit, i was praise my god and giving my father in heaven my thanks to him for all he has giving me a father in this world, to teach me good and evil in this world, yes? you may think i’m crazy, well i’m not; i just hope that this world will open their eyes and heart to jesus and expect jesus into their hearts and ask him for forgives, oh yes i know; you may think i’m a good good chirstian, but i say that heaven and hell are the only place after death and it real really real.


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