LINK: Living-In-No-Kids

As more and more Indians get educated and move to cities and as they become upwardly mobile, I feel there will be a new group of people called LINK or Living-In-No-Kids.

It will be a long time for this group of people to become significant in mass, but it is coming for sure. As the country inches towards development, more and more men and women are likely to get jobs and become independent of the family tutelage. Plus, with so many young people working and living independent lives, the institution of marriage will weaken as a result of conflicting priorities, limits on one’s time and work pressure. Moreover, unquestionably the propensity to ‘mingle’ with the opposite sex is going to grow at an increasing rate because of the centuries of confinement that Indians were subject to and the natural tendencies of humans to mate. Finally, let’s come to kids and population growth in India is slowing down gradually and will continue to do so due to penetration and efficacy of various contraception techniques. These techniques will be widely accepted by the upwardly mobile, independent people, who would not want additional responsibilities of a child in the face of ever-increasing pressures of life and distance from the family system. So, we might have a situation where people want to mingle, but don’t essentially want any hang-ups. Thus, the concept of no-strings-attached relationships or live-in’s will gain ground.

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