Hegel and Bacardi Breezers

Here is a nice piece of thinking by my friend Vishal Nicholas. Enjoy the drink!

Ever wondered what makes the Bacardi Breezer tick?
The thought struck me a while back and I think answer lies in Hegelian dialectic.At pubs round the country it is usually the ‘novice drinker’ or the female who are seen with a Breezer in hand.The ones who are either hesitant to partake of the seemingly more potent elixirs like whisky,rum and vodka or just don’t like them.

So why do people drink the Breezer? The answer lies at two levels : the product and the name. The premixed drink is a soft drink mixed with alcohol.The soft drink and alcohol belong to different worlds at a product level.The soft drink is sweet and easy on the tongue,alcohol bitter and unpleasant to consume in its raw form.The soft drink is associated with frivolous consumption and kids whereas alcohol is synonymous with purposeful consumption and adults.The coming together of the two worlds(thesis and antitheses) result in a new entity with new meaning called the premixed drink(synthesis). By adding a soft drink/juice to alcohol the alcohol becomes less potent and the soft drink more potent.For someone who does not like to knock back a couple of Old Monks with soda or hates plain colas the premixed drink is like manna from heaven

However it is in the name ‘Bacardi Breezer’ that the meaning of this entity is cleverly constructed.The word ‘Bacardi’ stands for rum, a potent,masculine drink. The word ‘breezer’ is derived from the word ‘breeze’ meaning moderate wind.Breeze is also used in the context of being easy.E.g: The exam was a breeze. When these two words come together to form a new name they alter the symbolic meaning of the individual words. Adding the term Breezer(antithesis) to Bacardi(thesis) brings a certain lightness by detracting from the potency of ‘Bacardi’.Simply put, it connotes a moderate Bacardi,a neutered Bacardi thereby making rum accessible to all of Bacchus’ worshippers, not just the most ardent.

Cheers !

Poured By – Vishal 

4 thoughts on “Hegel and Bacardi Breezers

  1. Ever tried vodka and red bull? That is the perfect thesis/ anti-thesis drink :)… I don’t know if redbull is available in India yet, but is basically one of those power drinks you have when there is an exam tomorrow and you were busy partying till the evening before… and then you have to do one of those night-outs… and alcohol in general has exactly the opposite effect :)… nice huh!

    – Sonia


  2. Nice one Abhishek….I think at a more macro level Bacardi Breezer worked because the population became more comfortable with grey in general. Erstwhile everything was eithr black or white, nothing in between. Also, alcohol has slowly moved from a resort of the deprived and desperate to being one that’s an accepted social drink.This becomes more evident as we see how bars were and how they are now. Earlier they were dark, shady, hidden. Now they are transparent, brightly lit and in full public view. The breezer rides this wave very well…..


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