Small Joys of My Life

I caught myself thinking about who really am I and what makes me the kind of person I am. Given the eternal optimist in me, I started thinking about the positives; what are the small joys in my life which make me what I am. Like a good white-collared worker, I also thought it is a good idea to ‘document’ this. So, I decided to take a snapshot in time of things that make my life beautiful.  So, here is the list…

The morning newspaper (with a lot of ad inserts)

The thinking pot (thats the place where I enjoy 10 minutes with myself, I get most of my ideas there)

My cold & cough in the mornings 

CNBC in the morning

Udayan Da


Fried Eggs

Haggling with Auto-wallahs

Checking email on my Nokia E62

Browsing the web on my phone

The pre-recorded message of a lady saying “Please close the door” in the office lift


More numbers

Tracking stock markets in office

Advising on the outlook for the markets

Buying 2 shares and worrying as if I took a controlling stake in the company

Dreaming of a 7 digit portfolio (that’s a minimum, by the way!)



Group chat on Gtalk with friends

Looking at nothing from the office terrace

Stare at the shining sun ( as if I want to scare it)

Looking at nothing from my home’s terrace

Listening to the tranquility

Feeling good about the breeze

My iPod shuffle (it’s so loud that I become immune to the world)

A “Big Mama” steak (with a lot of chilli-pepper sauce) Yum!

Some bread to go along with it

A real cold beer, please!

Fantasizing that I could be a great photographer someday

Fantasizing that I could be a great cook someday

Fantasizing that I am going to start my own business venture

Thinking about owning a house

C’mon, a car, atleast!

Leave it, atleast owning my life!!

Thinking about the wrong position of “I” in IMI; it should have been IIM

‘Strategizing’ about Indian cricket

The walk back home from office

Wondering when will Indian drivers learn to “share the road”

Promising myself that I will blog about this

Mulling over my finances

Dropping off most purchase decisions, thereafter 😦

The smell of home when I reach there in the evening

The surge of energy for the day (evening) ahead

Worrying if the house is clean

CNBC in the evening

Udayan Da’s “mood-change” in the evening

My old laptop (literally looks like a suitcase)

The sight of a full Old Monk bottle

The sight of beer bottles sitting pretty in my refrigerator

A cigarette lying around

Fire-shots (lighting fire to Old Monk and gulping it while it burns!)

The mellow taste of lager

Reliance landline (let’s you make STD calls at 30 paise!! It’s my lifeline.)

Having long conversations with Priyanka (you know who!)♥♥♥♥♥

Boring her to death!

Aur bolo..

Take a break

Reflecting on my childhood

Taking lessons from “Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen!”

Reflecting about our relationship

At times, answer some really tough questions about my previous relationships!! 😉

Delaying dinner as much as possible

Looking blankly at the night sky

Do some bull-sit naaambar 1 (read: poke fun)

Another peg!

Some real cold water


Practicing some Bengali and Punjabi with Priyanka♥♥♥♥♥

Getting thrashed for my poor attempts

Planning about my next trip to Kolkata to see her

To hell with planning!

Another peg!

Philosophizing about life

Thinking that there exists no such thing as sin

Making a plan for almost everything in life

Questioning the existence of god

Questioning the relevance of religion

Cursing the dabba-wallah for bad food

Eating it hungrily

Worrying about my marriage (most friends strongly feel its not happening!) 😦

Wondering about my remaning “leaves”

By the way, what date and month is this?

Thinking about which all places I want to go in the world

Getting confused with the list of those places and the prioritization

Settling on the list, it’s a small list with one word “World”

Discussing the business idea that’s never going to see the light of the day

Worrying if my stamp collection (over 4000) is alright in Nepal (it is supposed to bring me a fortune someday)

7 hours of sound sleep

Another day in paradise!

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