Business Blogs in India and Why You Should Start Blogging

Gaurav Mishra has started an initiative to work on a collaborative report on the state of the Indian Blogosphere. As a part of the group effort, Gautam Ghosh has compiled a list of Business Blogs in India:

In the CEO bloggers listed there are primarily dotcom and IT CEOs Mohan Babu(Infosys), Rajeev Karwal (Milagrow), Ajit Balakrishnan (, Sanjeev Bikhchandani (, Basab Pradhan (Gridstone), Vineet Nayar (HCL), Hrush(Cleartrip), Jay Pullur (Pramati), B.G. Mahesh ( – Rajeev Karwal is the exception

Then there are other business related bloggers who focus on Venture Capital, Innovation or are CEOs too – either in India or in Silicon ValleyAnand Rajaraman,Shripriya MaheshSramana MitraRajesh SettyRohit BhargavaRakeshAvinash KaushikRashmi Sinha,ShumanRahul SoodRaghav GuptaRajesh Jain,Dharmesh ShahMichaelMunjal ShahOm MalikShantanuShalin JainAtanu Dey,NilkanthRuban PhukanRamit SethiKris NairManish Jain

In other categories like functional area like Marketing, Social Media, Advertising, the following bloggers are active.

T T Ram MohanAjay ShahRanjanDeepak ShenoyAjiMayankRay TitusRohit,Prem SagarKaushikRajesh SoniDeadPresidentsNooreshArunBullish Indian,ArunColtonGaneshShailendraPrem RaoAbhishekPrasadManishaRavi,SampadSunilSiva RajendranArunVenkatakrishna Nalamothu,

Would Jobs and Career Advice would also be on this list? I think these bloggers would also make the cut AchyutManishaSantoshShweta KhareWalkinJobs-MediaTushar LalBK Sharma.

Not only is this a good listing of business blogs, but it also shows how mainstream blogging is becoming. More and more companies and individuals are starting blogs, showcasing ideas and sharing thoughts. And, it is just not the young crowd which is into blogging, but as per this post by Business Logs, many of the blogs are written by people over 30 years of age. And, in my experience, blogging helps in a large number of ways:

  • It is a great self-expression tool and helps you to learn to present your thoughts.
  • It is a personal development tool and helps you learn to gather and organize thoughts. Being active in the blogosphere exposes one to a plethora of viewpoints and ideas. It helps you broaden your thinking.
  • Blogs are a great platform to start “talking” to a larger community. Your ideas do not need to be confined to your best friends!
  • Blogs help you showcase your subject matter expertise and hunt down career opportunities of your choice. You never know, you might be waiting to be “discovered”.
  • A blog is your individual “address” on the web map. It is a place where people can go and know you better.
  • Finally, blogs help you store your “mind-stream”. Your thoughts no longer need to be ephemeral!

Do you plan to start blogging soon? What are some of the other benefits of blogging?

9 thoughts on “Business Blogs in India and Why You Should Start Blogging

  1. @Abhishek: Thank you for the shout out on the ‘State of Indian Blogosphere’ report. We need all the help we can get.

    Another addition to your list of reasons to blog: it can help you change careers (it has helped me, at least).


  2. Sure. Blogs do help to ‘discover’ careers! They help you and others understand innate talents and utilize them far better than traditional means.


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  4. Abhishek, Thanks for sharing the list. Another key aspect of blogging is to raise the profile of digirati from India and South Asia in the context of globalization vs. emerging protectionism. This is the reason I am looking to extend my blogging beyond my Corporate Blogger avatar (listed above)


  5. Mohan, thanks for stopping by. Great to have a blogger like you on my blog.
    It’s really good to know that you are blogging about the very specific areas around globalization. Very interesting. I am going to be following your blog closely.


  6. Hey this is really impressive and inspiring. Blogging has actually started a new internet wave. People can express their thoughts and no running behind web developers and designers.


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