How Social Media Changed My Media Consumption Habits?

The term “social media” is not just a hype-word for me. The web has made far-reaching changes to the way many of us consume media. Here are the top 6 ways in which my media habits have changed.

  • From a content “consumer”, social media encourages people to also create content. So, I no longer am just a consumer, but a part of the ecosystem of producers and consumers. I write articles on my blog, create photographic content, video content etc. And, it’s not that I had a major change in my life which made me a “content producer”. It’s is the very nature of the “wikipedia economy” to make people “active”, rather than “passive” in the ecosystem.
  • Social media has weaned me off traditional media. I hardly read the newspaper these days. It’s quite a big “object” to hold in the hands anyway. Instead, I prefer to read all the news / blogs via Google Reader on my iPhone. It is always available, easy to use and serves me fresh content.
  • Not that I am a big TV fan, but I was quite sure that people cannot imagine their lives without the idiot box. But, I can see a lot changing there. More and more video content is moving to the web (Hulu, Youtube, on-demand movies etc.). Not only this makes content available on demand, rather than fixed show timings, it is also a great way of content “discovery”, rather than being tied to the content you subscribed for. Also, there are possibilities to buy specific content that you like and watch it at your leisure on the phone or computer. So, I don’t like all shows on Discovery Travel & Living, but I can definitely buy Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations through iTunes.
  • I have an audio cassette of one of my favourite artists, but I don’t know how to play it. With music moving to digital formats, we made the content more portable. The iPods provided a great interface to run through and organize your music on-the-go. And, then phones doubled up as your music player. Even more, now I don’t necessary have to store music, I can hear it streaming from the web legally though sites like Last.FM, Pandora etc. While the radio still is in fashion (somewhat), you have tons of web apps offering streaming radio.
  • The social media makes the content timeless for me. So, I am free to go back to look at the content repeatedly with ease.
  • Best of all, my content is no longer confined to me. It’s out there in the open – for sharing. Always available to everyone – on demand!

Many of these changes we see in this new web-driven world are very disruptive, changing attitudes, behaviour and even ways of doing business.

What changes did social media bring to your life?

9 thoughts on “How Social Media Changed My Media Consumption Habits?

  1. I am finding social media a viable source for important contacts. And, it has a definite impact on the number of views of my photography. Social media helps me to find the contacts that are most useful to me, and helps expand my potential market.

    Sometimes it is just fun.


  2. i think the biggest change that it has brought on is “co-creation”.Many technology brands esp. stand well poised to take advantage of this consumer & category truth.Case in point being Youtube and a news channel started by Al Gore called Current TV which lets consumers decide what makes the headlines.BAck here in India,Idea Cellular has been doing it with impressive originality


  3. Abhishek aka Mumblr! I loved this one. And I related to it. While once upon a time, I had been at the forefront of technology, over the last few months, I realized how technology had rapidly gambolled ahead, and I was left catching up. Made up my mind this year about getting more active and the more I discover,the more enthralled and addicted I get!

    Baby steps still, but I am catching up now and I know what you mean. This is life changing.


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