Talent 2.0

Let me begin with a cliche “Talent Management needs to move to the next level.” Now, what exactly is this next level? By the way, what is the current level?

Let’s say that the systems, processes and practices we have today are “Talent 1.0”. We have the antiquated recruitment systems, tired performance management tools, compensation administration, succession planning etc. all automated by heavily transactional and cumbersome software. While we have the tools and technology, the implementation is rather average. Line managers are reluctant to use these tools because these are complicated, offer little insights about talent and often appear very “admin” kind of activity. These tools are looked upon more from a “compliance” perspective rather than “business critical.”

Let’s call the next level – Talent 2.0. And I reckon a lot needs to change for us to move to this next level. A lot. So, this is how, I think, Talent 2.0 will look like:

  • Firstly, we need to understand that people managers are the primary interface to talent. Inherently, many managers are not so clear about how talent management works. Simply automating the talent management processes using heavy-duty enterprise software cannot yield the desired results. HR and business will integrate much better to develop a shared understanding of the talent issues.
  • Next, we need simple, yet powerful tools to stay connected to people. We plainly cannot rely on the enterprise software in its current form. Web applications like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. and blogs will need to play a bigger role in communicating effectively with employees and mining rich real-time insights about employee behaviour.
  • Finally, the way we build our talent pipeline would need to change. CV’s and interviews are not enough – how much can you judge a person from a piece of paper and a 45 minute interaction. People would look at hiring talent from within their social networks. There is rampant interactions and sharing of ideas within social networks and employers would know people better when they recruit from these networks. 

These are just some top-of-the-mind thoughts. How do you think Talent 2.0 will look like?

4 thoughts on “Talent 2.0

  1. Allow me some provocation. I think we should go back to Talent 0.0

    IEven today, the armed forces are the largest people employers on earth, and also have the best leaders that I have seen and worked with.

    They have all the challenges any other global organization does.

    Simple things done well, with discipline and detail/rigour are often the best solution. The more we complicate the world, the more complex processes we bring in, the more I notice we’re moving further away from the basics.

    Core principles practiced well, in any context, will always work. It’s the universal law!


  2. Seriously a good thought! Talent 0.0 – Back to the basics!
    We have tried and taken it to the next level in regards to consulting at least. Linkedin, twitter, facebook, blogs sound good to us but when a company needs to outsource talent online – An online 2.0 marketplace is needed. The next level is in here now time to use it the right way.


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