Read Up!

Here are some of the most interesting posts / articles I have read in the last couple of weeks:

  • At Maximize Possibility, take a look at what are the key steps in on-boarding new employees in your organization.
  • Organizations need to understand and imbibe the value of innovation and tolerance for failures. This is an interesting post on the topic, also citing a working paper from Sloan Management Review on the “Relationship Between Tolerance for Failures & Innovation.”
  • All organizations grapple with the problem of helping employees strike a balance between their work and personal lives – even more so in recessionary times. A good article from the Talent Management website on managing work-life balance.
  • Tom Peters wrote an interesting blog post on “Carrots or Stick?” – the debate continues!
  • You might have heard about this one, but I just love this. See “happiness at work” at Southwest Airlines. If you haven’t already, do watch the videos in this post. They are so much fun!

What do you think?

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