Who Are You Hiring Next In Your HR Team?

So, the question is simple – “Who are you hiring as your next HR leader?”

As I meet more & more people, I find lesser & lesser instances of “business” people in the HR departments. There are very few cases of line managers making a lateral entry into HR. So, the HR team remains composed of a group of people exposed mostly to HR and administrative processes. Business leaders are always asking for more ‘value’ from the HR teams and often have unmet expectations around HR’s alignment with the business.

My view – you need new blood to reinvigorate anything.

HR teams need new blood and the new blood doesn’t necessary has to come from just one particular “clan”. HR needs to incentivize bright people from the line / operations to join them, bringing deep understanding of ground realities, business context and strategic priorities. Cross-pollination could work wonders.

And, the line manager might ask “What’s in it for me?”. And, that’s not a tough question to answer. Leaders of tomorrow have to be truly multi-functional and they would find their stint in HR truly rewarding in due course of time.

2 thoughts on “Who Are You Hiring Next In Your HR Team?

  1. the BEST HR heads I have ever met have been people who moved from business to HR.

    They bring project management and execution skills to the table. Also having come from the business, they understand the needs of the business and are able to respond “appropriately” which is something most HR folks need to learn or wake up to.

    HR folks are too busy driving policies and processes to look up and realize what ir the urgent business need. And when they have spare time, they’re busy wonderig why they’re called a service function!

    More business people in HR for sure, but the way HR is positioned and perceived is what scares them off. Now how do you manage that one?


    • Spot on! HR’s positioning certainly needs to be managed well so as to incentivize people to join HR. Really need to have a longer term perspective.


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