Read Up! (29th Oct)

So, October is almost done. And it looks like the quality of contents on the blogs I follow just keeps getting more interesting with time! So, here are a few posts that I recommend as Essential Reading:

  • A good, though-provoking discussion is happening at the Inflexion Point blog. The post mulls about the future of HR and whether “doing nothing” is an option for HR.
  • Finally, SystematicHR is one of the blogs that I really like a lot. It carries a a guest post titled “Normative Data for Employee Surveys – Worth the Spend?” The post highlights a number of points why benchmarking may not be effective when it comes to employee survey data. I do not agree in entirety with all the points, but it makes for an interesting read. I feel that though benchmarking may not be the “holy grail” to get all the answers, it does serve a purpose by putting data into perspective and helping in target-setting.

What do you think?

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