Designing Customer Experiences

These days I have been working with a client to help design their executive education center for their leadership cadre. They want to provide trainees a world-class learning experience, not only in terms of quality of education, but also hospitality. They don’t even call them “trainees”, but call them “customers”. So, it’s like they want to create the Ritz Carlton of executive education.

I am yet to fully immerse myself in the project, but am working with a simple construct in my mind. Many times, when companies are looking at customer experience programs, they end up automating processes & setting policies which definitely ease internal operations, but may not directly translate into positive experiences for customers. That’s internal focus. My simple thought is that the process has to be reversed, with focusing first on what the customer experience should look like, how would positive interactions / touch-points look like and then think about what systems / processes are needed to get to the desired state.

So, a fancy CRM will not do the trick for you, if it has not been designed & implemented with the customer in mind.

One thought on “Designing Customer Experiences

  1. This is so true, during the times when I ran a learning center in some of my past roles. Even if we ran outstanding training, with great trainers, content and material, but slipped up on the other areas (which normally get classified as admin) it resulted in lower feedback ratings. Also, it does impact the participants ability to learn and be immersed in that moment.

    Imagine a chair that is not good for the back or a lunch menu that leads to acidity?


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