Employees First: Why Employee Engagement Matters

Systemic / Cultural Enablers—> Employee Engagement—> Customer Engagement—> Business Goals

As simple as it gets. In order to attain business goals like profitability, growth etc. organically, organizations need to engage customers effectively – deliver great products / services and delight them in every interaction they have with the organization. And, that’s where employee engagement comes in. Engaged employees create positive interactions and create customer engagement. Customer engagement cannot be created by locking-in customers through contracts or by offering the lowest price, but it is created by “positive emotions”. The employee-customer interaction should be a very critical part of your business strategy.

At a recent conference, Vineet Nayar, the CEO of HCL Technologies (a large Indian IT company) spoke about this subject.

How do you execute the change in how you run your teams? If we outsource our thinking and believe that the real responsibility of bringing about transformation really belongs to the CEO, I think we’re making a mistake. Each and every manager can bring about a fundamental change in the way he runs his company and teams, and I think he will succeed significantly more than if he looks up to somebody else to bring about a change.

If you look at the control pyramid, which is very critical in running your organization, I think you have to leave it intact for governance reasons. But if the value pyramid could be inverted, we have to ask three questions of ourselves. Where is the value of the company being created? In the interface of the employee and the customer. So, what is the business of the company? To maximize the creation of the value in that value zone. So, therefore, what should be the business of the management of the company? To maximize the value created in the value zone. If all companies focus on that, they can maximize the value that is being created in the value zone and the management will be infusing, encouraging, enabling, rather than controlling and reviewing.

Focus on Employees First, and a lot will follow. You can read the full text of the Vineet’s talk here.

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3 thoughts on “Employees First: Why Employee Engagement Matters

  1. Hi Abhishek,

    I appreciate you covering the topic of employee engagement. I found your blog by searching employee engagement through google blogs and I am glad to have found you on the web.

    You might find some of my work on positive communication and employee engagement useful, as well. Keep up the interesting work!

    Chris Groscurth, PhD


    • Chris – glad you like the blog 🙂
      I did go through your website and found it to be very interesting. Will be frequenting it more often now.



  2. This sounds a lot like the same mentality that Southwest has had for their business model. They put all their attention on their employees, knowing that if they treat their front line well, the customer service and customer happiness will follow suit. Thanks for sharing!


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