Employee Engagement: The Book of Questions

The ever-growing Employee Engagement Network has pulled it off again! It has created another free e-book on employee engagement. Here is an excerpt from the introduction of the book which explains what it is all about:

Too often we are in search of an easy answer. We hire experts to tell us what to do. We need to engage the question. Let us sit with the questions, voice our questions, and generate a range of responses rather than a simplistic easy answer to the complexity of employee engagement. I encourage you to read this wonderful collection of questions offered by 96 members of the employee engagement network. Engage the questions, generate responses, and create greater employee engagement for the benefit of all.

The book contains questions – questions for leaders and managers – questions that organizations need to think about. Provocative. Deep. Meaningful. Soul-stirring. A lot of credit goes to David Zinger for hosting the network and facilitating this great piece of work. You can read the book below or click here.

This is the third collaborative e-book I have contributed to (earlier ones are here and here). And I did have a few questions for leaders:

  • When it comes to your company, what are the stories that come to your employees’ minds?
  • What might be the top 3 unanswered questions in the minds of your people?
  • If you are really serious, how would you prove that employee engagement is more than “lip service”?

What is your question? What do you want to ask your leaders, managers and organizations?

What do you think?

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