Management Hack: Share Costs; Share Responsibility

Gary Hamel and others have come up with this great initiative and set up the Management Innovation Exchange (MIX). It is an open innovation project, aiming to bring about a revolution in management. The project is asking individuals to identify barriers, submit stories and suggest “hacks” or bold ideas for tackling management challenges.

I have proposed a hack – let’s look at sharing the cost of attrition between the HR and the individual manager, in order to build accountability for people management and engagement. Unless, people’s “P&Ls” are not affected directly, no one takes notice! Typically, HR bears the costs of attrition (training, recruitment etc.) from its own budget. But, isn’t the individual manager responsible for it too?

You can click on the screenshots below to directly go to my hack on the MIX website. And, please, if you like it, do rate it. And, in any case, I need your comments and inputs to build up this hack.

What do you think?

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