Book Review: Winning With A Culture Of Recognition

Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine from Globoforce have written a book called “Winning With a Culture of Recognition”. Derek was kind enough to send me a copy of the book to check what I felt about it.

Overall, I enjoyed reading the book. The authors recognize how important employee engagement is to today’s organizations and demonstrate how recognition can be used as an effective tool to foster engagement, drive adoption of organizational values and enhance performance. I particularly liked their concept of Strategic Recognition programs which make recognition a modus operandi for businesses, rather than remaining something that is elitist, infrequent and often not intrinsically motivating. Indeed, recognition, if measured and managed well, can help companies drive behaviours that benefit it. The authors make use of a “Values Distribution Graph” to track the percentage of employees recognized across departments for demonstrating behaviours aligned with the Values and Mission of the organization. It is powerful! Imagine if the data tells you that more people are being recognized for producing “reliable results”, whereas the focus of the organization is really on innovation (risk-taking)!

Here are a few lines from the book which I liked:

“To say that corporate culture cannot be managed scientifically with rigorous and authentic processes, is a myth with damaging consequences.”

“Catch them doing the right thing.”

Psychic income is the provision of social acceptance, social esteem and self-actualization. Paid in the currency of recognition, it is intangible but no less real than material income.”

“When only a few elite members of the organization receive infrequent, high-value awards, it is impossible to affect the broader corporate culture.”

“Every recognition moment doubles as a marketing and communication moment, reinforcing company alues in a positive employee experience.”

I recommend the book to get started with thinking about recognition as a real strategic tool to impact your business.

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