Upcoming Carnival of HR

After a long long wait, I am ready to host my first Carnival of HR.

As a consultant, I constantly meet HR professionals and get great opportunities for conversations. What I realize from these conversations is that most HR professionals are in a race – the “Talent Race”. And the race seems to get hotter and harder as some parts of the globe ease out of the economic downturn and are preparing for the next growth phase. So, tell me more about what are your latest & greatest ideas about winning the race – specifically how do you think we should go about attracting, engaging and retaining talented people in our organisations? What’s new in talent management?

And since I am based in sunny Singapore, posts with an Asian flavour would go to the top of the pile! So, start putting your thoughts together and write out the next best idea. Few things to keep in mind:

  • Submit a recent post. Something that is written in the 2 weeks preceding the Carnival
  • Send me the posts by 4th July, 2011. My email is i at abhishekmittal dot com
Hope to hear from you soon!

What do you think?

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