My Article in the ‘Indian Management’ Magazine

I love it when my writing is able to reach beyond the audience of this blog alone! My article “Building A Sustainable Engagement Strategy” got published in the February 1, 2012 edition of the Indian Management – a management magazine published by Business Standard.

The article talks about how companies could strengthen their Employee Engagement programs by broadening their focus to Enablement and Energizing of the workforce as well. It also shares insights about what truly differentiates Leadership Practices and People Experiences in high-performing high-engagement organisations.

Unfortunately, the magazine doesn’t have an online edition. So, here is a scanned copy and better still, here is a much more readable PDF.

Enjoy! And do share you comments.

11 thoughts on “My Article in the ‘Indian Management’ Magazine

  1. Very interesting research, Abhishek. I’ve written repeatedly about the importance of enablement, and energy is a topic close to my heart and that of my CEO. I’ll be blogging about your research and article next week. I’ll be sure to alert you to the post through twitter. Thank you for highlighting the importance of these to critical factors to Sustained Engagement.


  2. Good article. I feel for the success of a business, the firm has to treat its employees carefully and as you described in the article, I agree that employee research has grown.


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  4. I recently wrote a piece on employee engagement and I wished I had read your article before I posted it. You open up an important area which I missed, and it would have been a great adjunct. I would like to use it to write more about this in the context of employees and the journey towards being a social business. My post “360 Social Business Engagement – consumer *and* employee”

    I think that reaching out to the social customer will require companies to pay more attention to your notion of Energizing employees.

    Walter @adamson
    @igo2 Group


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  9. Lindy: Yeah, I loved reading it too.Gary: I like the ukeeulls fit in the webcam’ theory. I may have to steal it and pretend I thought of it.Ron: I don’t think the whole board necessarily agrees on everything.


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