Induction / On-boarding Mobile App

These days, there is an app for everything. And at times, I have heard the question from HR leaders – “Can we do this with an app?”. Now, we could have apps for addressing a number of HR-related issues. For instance, there could be apps for on-boarding / induction, employer branding, internal communications, social performance management, collaboration etc. Often HR folks are wondering how to go about visualizing the app or designing the app. While I am no code-guru myself, it is not so hard to visualize an app, if we are clear what we want to accomplish.

I just stumbled upon an award-winning app from Deutsche Bank, which aims to introduce new joiners or prospective employees to the bank. Rather than attempting to describe what the app does, let me share a few screenshots.

(All credits to and images from Deutsche Bank)

Isn’t it cool? Are you developing an app for HR? Do share your ideas!

2 thoughts on “Induction / On-boarding Mobile App

  1. Nice! I am continuously amazed at how progressive banks have become in the social media and collaboration space (see John Stepper’s blog at

    Maybe the constraints from the financial services industry actually foster new waves innovation. Maybe the relentless focus on customers (instead of the *brand*) demand new levels of creativity.


  2. Indeed! Industries like financial services and high-tech are at the forefront of innovating in these areas. Btw, thanks for introducing me to John Stepper’s blog 🙂


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