The Carnival of HR: Emerging Trends in HR

The Carnival of HR is back in sunny Singapore after more than a year! Themed as “Emergent Trends in HR”, I hope you enjoy reading the posts in this edition as much as I did. Many thanks to the prolific people who contributed to the carnival.

  • One of my ex-colleagues, Joachim Stroh, proposes an awesome hack which can take us From Filling Positions to Matching Talentusing powerful concepts of micro-tasks, micro-roles and micro-skills. Not to be missed!
  • We don’t have a lot of HR bloggers in Asia (excl. India), but William Chin is an exception. From his den in Beijing, he has taken a lot of effort to consolidate the social media recruitment statistics in Asia. Fantastic work!
  • Chris Wells sent his entry on Work Management and how it integrates seamlessly with performance management.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the Carnival of HR!

10 thoughts on “The Carnival of HR: Emerging Trends in HR

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